AVPs or Audio Visual Presentations are staples during weddings, or birthday celebrations.  This at times become the highlight of the party because your guests, families and friends get a glimpse of how you've grown, or how you two have met.  You also give them a peek at where you were last summer, or your before-and-after makeover.  

Give an extra twist to your Save The Date's, Wedding or Birthday Invitations, Announcements, Travels, and Project Portfolios, or just about anything else.  Here at PaulaFritz Personalized Slideshows, we show you that AVPs are not only for weddings or birthdays.

  • It's cheaper. Sending a 30 to 90 second slideshow teaser via email will save you money, rather than hiring a graphic artist to design your invitation or announcement.  
  • It's faster. Sending the slideshows via email or sharing it to your Facebook page will get the message across faster.
  • It's more convenient. You never have to leave your home.  All you need is your desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or mobile phone to send us your chosen pictures.  No need to brave the traffic or bad weather.
  • It's unique.  Slideshows are mini movies that are visually entertaining. Your friends and family will surely enjoy watching.
  • It's special.  You can also opt for a personalized song with the person's name, be it her birthday, Valentine's Day,Mother/Father's Day or Christmas!